Thursday, December 20, 2007

I need your life stories for my new book

The jewelry on this handbag came from many different places. I love this bag it is called "Jeweled Skin"
My friend Jaime and I are working on a book (don't want to give away the title yet)

We need some help with it. Right now I am trying to figure out ways we can get interviews with other people (women especially) that want to help us with this book.

What kind of book is it you ask?

It is a book about healing, restoration, and fashion. Sounds kinda weird, I know, but keep reading. We want to know the history and stories behind the jewelry that you own. We want to know if you have heirlooms that you don't know what to do with, such as necklaces, earings, watches, rings you name it. In this book, we will take you through a creative journey of discovering who you are where you came from. What we will show you how to take what you own, and make it new. Some of you might own something from someone that might have hurt you and you feel guilty for still owning it, but can't throw it away. We will show you how to start healing and move on and change your pain into joy. It is not the object that causes us pain put the memory attached to that object. This book will give the opportunity of letting go of the hurt an chanelling it into someting beautiful!

I like to shop at thrifts stores and antique malls. I buy old jewelry, but I can't pass up the jars of broken jewelry. You can find all sorts of beautiful artifacts and treats. It makes me wonder, who owned this stuff before. What is their story and where are they now.

We want to compile a book full of peoples stories and treasures and make art with it.

Sound cool? Well, we need your help. Help us to get the word out. Jaime and I can't wait to meet you!


Closetlies said...

oh i have some great outfits for your jewelry

--an NYC model trying to see her closet floor

Candy Couture said...
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lalaliu said...

I love all your amazing and funky designs! the purses and jewelry are totally adorable and I would so buy some if I had the money. Your book sounds super exciting. It is definately something I would read if it gets published :) have a merry christmas!

violette said...

Hi new book sounds awesome! Hey....if you like i could giv eyou a story of a piece of jewelry - a watch my dad was wearing when he died in a fire. I still have the burnt out watch. Would that qualify for a story in your book? Also if you have spare books (your latest) that you are giving for contests i wouldn't mind if you sent me one and then i could have a blog contest where the giveaway would be your book? I think the PR person from F&W gives out books for souch things.

love, violette