Monday, December 17, 2007

I am FREEEEEE, well kinda

Today ladies and gents I am alone in my house with only 1/3 of my children. Jolie (say it with a French accent) is with me right now as I am typing. My in-laws took my other two kids with them to the mall so that I could get some work done. Well, I am suppose to be editing my book and I found myself blogging. Working with 3 small children has its challenges. I have managed to do a lot with my kiddos. I feel for you other parents out there trying to blog and work and raise a fam all at the same time.

I am so excited about life because it has so many surprises..... I had to pause a bit because JoJo (that's Jolie) is squirming in my lap. Ok back to business, well I am playing right now. Do you guys consider blogging playing or tha biz?

I will keep it short and swizzeet (thats sweet). I know, a suburbian mom throwin out tha lingo. Ok well I likes to kinda keep it real?

Peace out

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