Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My prayer for those in need of a friend

Father in heaven, I need you to give me the words to say to those that you want to read this.
Open my heart my Lord to speak your beautiful truth because you are my God and there is none like you. Father give those that come across this post hope and faith. Open their hearts to your truth and your beauty. Jesus Christ IS lord and my Savior and has conquered evil.
Thank you Lord for this opportunity to be able to share my heart with others. Bring people to this blog Lord, open their eyes to you Father. I give you my life, my heart and my soul. Open my heart and give me love for those that are hard to love. Expand my business so that I may bless your name. Create in me a clean and pure heart . Give this person strenght an courage that reads this blog. I pray for them and their spirit and their personality, their friends and family, I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you oh my soul rejoice. Take joy my King in what you hear, and let it be a sweet sweet sound in your ear.


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt be here without you Candace....Thank you for your courage and friendship! Every time I think of you...I smile!!! See you soon.....J-girl :)

lolita in pijama said...

You really such a blessings!
Your prayer touches my heartand inspire me in a sweet way... Really cool designer, that's all I could say..

God bless you always...

Cory said...

Thank you for those wonderful words..I needed that today, My grandaughter passed 2 weeks ago and I miss her so much. I was working intuitively on a piece of jewelry the day she passed. That piece of jewelry has a story with so much meaning.

Thank you again..I will return again and again to visit your blog.

Craftycouture said...

Now how cute is that! You are so very creative!
I'm so glad you are feeling better, there have been so many colds going around this winter, I am using Cold-FX from now on. I used it the last time and it only lasted for four days max! Now that is something.